I started this journey into the trade of painting, in a round about way, many years ago.  I have always been fascinated by the trades and those artisans that hone their craft for years.

Back in high school the classes that I loved were the 'hands-on' classes such as shop, art, and the home economics courses.  I proceeded to college where I earned my B.A. in Business Administration. After graduation I got married, moved to northeastern Ohio, and started some self-evaluation.  I worked several 'bottom tier' jobs in order to get the ends to meet and one of those jobs was working part-time at a paint store.  The paint company focused on numerous training courses which led to product knowledge and best practices for painting.  By far, the best form of learning was watching and listening to both the good and bad painting contractors.  I worked my way from part-time up to a store manager within the painting company.  After I left this company I worked various sales and service jobs but had started to paint part-time as jobs arose.  I started to incorporate the knowledge of products, techniques, paint, and expanding experience into a passion for serving people by offering a valued service.  Until this point I ignored the subtle voice of my bride, my desire to work independently, and a passion to work with my hands.  The perfect storm stirred and cast me into the direction of starting this adventure. Thus, Rock Solid Painting Co. LLC was officially birthed in June of 2014. 

We want to set ourselves apart from other painting companies.  To be different, you must BE different.  We want to offer a quality service with quality products and a personal touch that attains a high value mark for our clients. To that end, we choose to join two prestigious and long standing organizations; the BBB and the PDCA.